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We are a dynamic enterprise which dedicates to the technology industry of card production, research and development.

What We Do

We made a stunning card using technology, especially for card with the material of PVC, PETG, ABS and security paper.

Our Vision

To be the best provider of document solutions and card technology in Indonesia.

Our Mission

To promote continual improvement of a secure, convenient and trustworthy card technology system

Our Product

Membership Card

Membership card is a card that can only be owned by your company.

Banking ATM Card

ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Card is a card to make debit transactions.

Access or Security Card

Access or Security Card is a card that functioned as access tool to certain area.

VIP or Discount Card

VIP or Discount card is card which owner can get discount as VIP Privillege.

Phone Card

Phone Card is a term of many cards that correlated with (usually) cellular phone.

Toll Road Card

Toll Road Card is a proof that the holder of the card has already pay the toll's ticket.

Insurance Card

Insurance Card is a proof card that you are the owner of insurance account.

Hospital Patient Card

Hospital Patient Card is proof of a patient of a Hospital, can become VIP / Discount card.

Ticket Card

Ticket Card is a ticket. As a proof that you has already pay the entry.

Warranty Card

Warranty Card is a proof of ownership when your bought products are broken.

Student Card

Student Card is identity of a student in a school or college.

Gift Voucher Card

Gift Voucher Card is a temporary Voucher or Discount Card.

ID Card

ID Card is simply an identification card for access staff area.

Parking Card

Parking Card is a proof that you are the owner of the car/motorcycle.

Promotional Card

Promotional Card can come in many shape including card shape.


All card can be manufactured using Magnetic Stripe, Sign Stripe, Barcode, or Pin & Scratch Off. Exclusivity value can be added using Hot Printing Technique and Emboss. For company who needs high security, we can also provide Contact Smart Card and Contactless Smart Card solution.



In addition to its functions as a security tool and data base management of a corporation or organization, the card could be as an appreciation to the clients or members as well.



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We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.